Oryx Technologies

Mobile and Web Development

We make native Android and Titanium Appcelerator cross-platform apps, as well as full-stack Web applications.

See some of our projects below.

For information about our services, or support for the SideEffects or AllAboard apps, contact us at susancrayne@yahoo.com.

Mobile Projects


screenshot of SideEffects app screenshot of SideEffects app

SideEffects will tell you about links between a symptom you are having and medications you are taking. Developed cross-platform for Android and iOS using Titanium Appcelerator. We wrote this using Javascript and the Appcelerator API. The back end is PHP/MySQL, and the database is remote.

SideEffects for iOS

SideEffects for Android

AllAboard for MetroNorth

screenshot of AllAboard app

AllAboard is an Android app that tells you when your next MetroNorth train will arrive. It saves your preferred station so that all you need to do is open the app to see the next trains in either direction. AllAboard will also find the nearest station using location services, and it allows you to send a message asking to be picked up at your destination. AllAboard is a native Android app, written in Java and using the SQLite database. The database is on the phone, so that you can find your train when you are in the subway approaching Grand Central Station, and know if you need to run!

AllAboard for Android

Web Projects


We did several enhancements as well as maintenance for the site. We implemented Facebook login, as well as creating free subscriptions to American Baby magazine for new users. Skills used were: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. Babynames.com is a thriving, profitable web site.


home page of Formasaurus

We architected and wrote the Forms Editor for Formasaurus. Formasaurus permits companies who previously used paper forms or online PDF forms, to create and manage custom forms without programming (not even any HTML). After forms are created, users can fill them in, and the data is saved in a database, from which the company can create reports. Oryx Technologies created the Form Editor. Form creators can drag form elements (text, input, radio button, etc.) from a pallette on the left into the editing area. Form elements can be moved and resized, and styles can be chosen from a menu attached to the element. This was written almost entirely in Javascript/jQuery, with all elements created on the fly.


home page of Webstakk

Webstaak allowed users to group their favorite sites into "stacks" which could be shared with other users. The stacks were arranged in one page and could be navigated using tabs. We did major enhancements to the front and back ends, with HTML, CSS, Javascript, DOJO, PHP, and MySQL.



two-panel screenshot of gliider

We lead front end development for gliider, a research tool allowing users to gather and organize travel information. There were two projects: A Firefox addon, and an IE implementation consisting of a small IE extension talking to a desktop version of the Firefox addon. We used Javascript, C#, and CSS.